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My name is Igor Benderskiy. I have worked for the various Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Southern California since 2001. My position has varied over the years: I was an Electrician, a Salesman, Internet Sales Manager, Lease Retention Manager, Fleet Manager, Finance Manager, Closer and Sales Manager. I was awarded “Mercedes-Benz Master Certified” by Mercedes-Benz USA back in 2006, and I was one of the 1st to get the “Master Certification“. That’s where “MBZ Master” name came from, but actually I’ve been always a Mercedes-Benz fan since my childhood.

Due to my extensive experience with Mercedes-Benz brand, I accumulated a lot of product knowledge and a lot of loyal customers over the years. So I created this website to share some of my knowledge to stay connected with my customers as well as any Mercedes-Benz owners, anyone who works for any other Mercedes-Benz dealership, also any Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or simply anyone who is interested – all in one place! Share, Follow and Contact.

I post a lot of information, photos and I also personally make videos mostly related to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It’s about the latest model information, new features, tutorials on “How To” use and operate the vehicles, as well as Reviews, Shopping Guides, Comparisons, Financial Tips and Tricks and also just personal Advises. My information is the most accurate and authoritative.

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8 Replies to “ABOUT”

  1. Hi Igore-
    I just came across your videos.
    I have a E350 2023
    It has an augmented display (the $350)- but it does not have a dashcam.
    Can I install MB dashcam in it

  2. I need your help. I have a 2016 E400 Coupe NTG5/5.5 and can’t access the engineering menu. I have researched without luck. Please help. I have tried “end call + # + 1”

  3. Hi MBZ Master-
    Thanks for the perfect videos you post. I have a 2016 C300 4matic and wondering if I can add the Distronic plus system to it or not?. Please let me know. Thanks

  4. “Comfort box” is a standalone option. Code D28. You can get it from your local MB dealer. It should also come with the mounting brackets.

    1. The sales rep removed the ‘comfort box’ and ‘installed’ it in my new 2021 E 350 – only attached with the front clasps. But he didn’t remove the horizontal mounting bracket in the back. Do you know if this is a complete assembly only- or can the mounting bracket be purchased separately? The sales rep was not sure if the mounting bracket would fit in the new trunk… many thanks for your quick response…

  5. just found your website and really appreciate your dedication and sharing of information… very valuable !
    Just leased a 2021 E350 and have a question about the installation of a ‘comfort box’ or ‘concealed cargo box’
    installation… can you provide an answer?

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